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Audiovisual Art Centre (AMC Films) unites artists in media business. Since 2006 we focus on documentary and corporate film making and provide creative services for our customers worldwide. Our documentary film about the Lithuanian basketball Mes uz…Lietuva! (directed by A. Lekavicius) was a Lithuanian box office success in 2012.

AMC Films mission is to create powerful videos that meet our customers’ needs. Digital age provides new opportunities for communication. Our expertise in film making, media and communication ensures we bring the best solution for your business.

Why not to learn essential film making and make videos yourself? We also give master classes and training programs for customers who want to make films themselves.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services

Idea and Concept

We work carefully to understand how your business functions and what marketing needs you have. It is then we develop the idea and concept how media can add to your business goals in the best way.


See your film or media project on paper before committing your resources. It is essential we develop and understand the purpose of the film and clearly assign the needed resources. Good planning saves everyone’s time and money.


Our experience in film industry assures we provide high skill film making services, while attentive use of the resources results incredible value for the budgets.


We offer

We offer professional media that can help your business to reach your customers

Project Analysis

Our team will conduct a comprehensive study, how your business requirements for media can be met in the most sufficient way. Can a new film be helpful for your business? We have available consultations in marketing and product introduction. In this way, the creation of video becomes a value-adding part of your marketing campaign, not just another clip.

Flexible Solutions

Creativity liberates action. We work with a wide range of customers’ possibilities and budgets. Having a small budget means you can still make an effective message to your clients and achieve efficiency.

Master Classes

For some people film making is a passion (it is for us). If your business is going to need a dozen of films in the long run, perhaps it is wise to start making them by yourself? We have a methodology how to teach film making and will assist you when taking the first steps.



Our Address

Our Address

Audiovizualinio meno centras
Samanynės 20,
Bendorių km,
Vilniaus raj.
Lithuania LT-14018


Company Info

Company Info

VšĮ Audiovizualinio meno centras
Reg. No. 300576433
VAT. LT100006835716
IBAN LT027300010095586439
AB bankas “Swedbankas”
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Contact Us

Contact Us

E-mail: info@amcfilms.com

+ 370 686 50202