Investment Zone – Corporate Video

Visual presentation of the business development opportunity in Lithuania. The corporate video includes 3D graphic elements, graphic and sonic adaptation to 10 languages (Lithuanian, English, French, German, Russian, Swedish, Danish, Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew).  

Trailer of Our Film

Official Trailer of the Documentary Mes už…Lietuvą! (Dir. A. Lekavičius). This documentary is about the national basketball team and its participation in the European Basketball Championship in 2011. This feature film documentary is a story about the Lithuania’s pride in sports from inside. The film was a Lithuanian box office success in 2012.

International Production

International Production (Introduktion til Nordisk Råd). The film introducing the Nordic Cooperation was filmed in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Lithuania. The final production took place in the United Kingdom and Lithuania. The film is in Swedish.

Online Tutorial

This tutorial is designed to introduce the customers with new online services.

Corporate Video

This corporate video introduces the Lithuanian photovoltaic industry. The produced films show the aspects from science, solar plants, and production.